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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A 20 pound Carp Fishing with Bass Guys

I traveled to central Washington with my friends, Lynn and Jeff to do some fishing.  Lynn has a bass boat.  It will just fly across the water.  Lynn and Jeff like to fish for bass.  Jeff is interested in learning to Carp fish.  Lynn--well, not so much.  The boat is not a good platform from which to stalk and cast to Carp.  It sure as heck is a good platform for traveling to new water.  My oh my, it sure does that!    

They dropped me off in some shallow water.  I don't mean they just shoved me out of the boat.  They stopped the boat and I stepped out.  Okay then. Shallow water.  Shallow water I have never fished.  I move slowly.  I see Carp.  I strip out line.  I cast.  This 20 pounder slurps the Chocolate Cherry.  Life is good.  

Thanks Lynn and Jeff.  It was a great trip.  I enjoyed the conversations more than the 20 pound Carp.