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Saturday, March 7, 2015

"After the Hookset"--a video

I had hoped to produce at least 3 videos this winter--possibly 4.  Hmmm... I have worked on them but alas, here is the first one I have actually finished.  It is not meant to be instructional; it is just meant for fun.  There are 8 takes and hooksets in this video.  What I am focusing on is those seconds right after the hookset.  Watch it on the full screen and in HD so you can see the fish more easily.

The last fish that jumps and summersaults is one of my favorite videos I have captured these past several seasons.  He actually picks up the fly before I realize it; you can see the line move.


PS  I do have a fair amount of my video "Dropping the Fly" finished.  Lets see if I can get it finished before carp season starts.  If I don't I'm a total goner; I likely won't get it done until next winter.