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Friday, October 26, 2018

Redfish and Black Drum in the Louisiana Marsh

In the early part of October I went to Louisiana to fish the marsh for redfish and black drum.  I had been to Louisiana in 2013.  The guide, who shall go unnamed, was terrible.  I went to a different part of the state this time and fished with Lucas Bissett from Low Tide Charters.  He was great and I plan to return and fish with him again.  

The marsh exemplifies simple beauty; a simple beauty that is calming and reassuring.  The Carp Lodge is in the desert; we look out at the river and across to rolling hills.  Both Katy and I enjoy the simple beauty of the river and the hills; we both find that it is calming and reassuring.  While the marsh and the Carp Lodge are in very, very different environments I experienced many of the same feelings.   

Everywhere we went Lucas said that the marsh was one to five feet deep.  It goes and goes for miles and miles.  It is so beautiful!

I like the colors in this picture of an egret.  

The fishing is all sight fishing; I was casting to tailing fish or slow cruisers.  Much of it is like carp fishing in that regard.  Unlike carp fishing, the redfish and the drum will chase down a fly.  Yikes, that's cool when they do!

While I was in Louisiana, Hurricane Michael was raging through Florida.  The storm did not come to Louisiana but we were experiencing some strong wind.  On days three and four the wind blew so hard it didn't let the tide go out; I didn't know that could happen.  The tide stayed in, the water was murky, and the sky was cloudy.  Those were tough days. 

This was my favorite redfish of the trip.  I got this fish taking the fly on video.  Dang it I like that a lot!  

This black drum was tailing in two feet of water.  Lucas scaled him at 35 1/2 pounds.  What a bruiser!  He got slime all over me and I was happy to let him do it.

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