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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. P.'s Carp Carrot

In the last year and particularly after my article, "Thoughts on Winter Fly Tying" in the winter issue of the North American Carp Angler magazine, I received some emails asking me about my Carp Carrot. It was one of my "Five Proven Carp Catchers" in the article. I contributed it in a Carp Anglers Group Carp fly exchange and also contributed it some time ago it in a pinned thread of the CAG Fly Rod forum. I tie it with some variations but it is essentially the same fly. People asked how to dress it and how to fish it.

I have experimented with different body colors, materials, thread, and different ways of weighting the fly. I've tried several colors including red, black, and green for the body. I've also tried natural pheasant rump. The different body colors don't seem to work as well as the original orange.

As to weighting the fly, I tie it unweighted, with a bead, and with dumbbell eyes. I use black, brass, and copper beads and dumbbell eyes. I have used lead wire wrap but like that the least and have at this point in time abandoned the wire on this fly.

I fish the Carp Carrot basically anywhere that I fish for Carp. I adapt to water level, current, rocks, salad, etc. by choosing a different size hook or a fly with a different amount of weight.

Sometimes they will amble over and pick it up off the bottom and sometimes they will pick it up on the strip. Let's be honest now; sometimes they won't touch the dang thing at all but that's fishing.

A year ago I would have said it made my top 5 flies. Now, I would say it is my go to fly. I still fish other flies but the Carp seem to be more willing to move to this fly than to other patterns.

So here it is,

Mr. P.'s Carp Carrot:

Thread: black or orange
Tiemco: 3769 sizes 6-10
Tiemco 5262 sizes 6-8
Bead: brass beads, tungsten beads, and dumbbell eyes in black, brass, nickel, and copper colors etc.
Body: orange yarn wrapped tightly or orange dubbin
Hackle: yellow pheasant rump

Bead Head Carp Carrot

A Carrot patch for the fly exchange

You can reach me at MrP1011@gmail.com

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  1. Such a classic pattern Jim. I love it; thanks for contributing that pattern in last year's CAG fly swap. This fly will ruin a good carp angler.

    I just wish it was easier to find yellow pheasant rump. Every shop I've tracked down that claim to carry it have been out.

  2. tied up some of my own in "Caltrans" orange, with a few slight variations in material to suit my materials at hand, and had looks and takes immediately.

    Good work my man!

  3. Thanks Larry. I'm glad the fly got you some takes. I wish I could explain why the Carp Carrot works so well. Alas, I can't; I just know it does.

  4. I caught a couple mirror carp on your Carp Carrot this weekend. This fly is easy to tie and looks great. I plan on catching many more carp with the Carp Carrot. I posted about it on my blog.