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Friday, July 17, 2009

A "Big Idea Bird"

My beginning forays into Carp fishing were from a boat. More and more these last several years I have fished while wading. I'm down to just once or twice a year fishing from the boat. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

I had a new reel that I wanted to baptize so I loaded up my Carpwagon and headed out. The sky was blue and there was no wind. What else could I ask for? Well, clear water would be nice. The water was murky and it had a lot of algae, or weeds, or slimey gunk or whatever.

There were some spots on the lake that were clearer but still not perfect. About 45 minutes in I got a cast to an 8 pound Mirror. We see mostly Commons around here so I was thrilled that the first fish I played on the new reel was a Mirror.

I got six to hand with the Mirror and one Common being the only two under 10 pounds. The biggest fish of the day was just over 15 pounds. He turned hard on the fly and that was a thrill. The take really is the premier moment.

Late in the day I was being squawked at by two birds. I had found some clear water with a few Carp feeding. The birds were feeding also. This sequence is of one of them feeding. Maybe he was cleaning his beak, I don't know, but it sure looked like he was feeding. At one point this Carp moved near the bird and the bird switched to squawking at the Carp instead of me. The bird actually went up and pecked the Carp on the back. The Carp swam at the bird and the bird backed off but didn't fly away. I found myself wondering what would happen if that Carp had eaten that bird. Then I would be home trying to figure out how to tie a fly that imitated a whole bird. Thankfully they separated and went about their respective business. I did not get that darn fish to take.

A "Big Idea Bird" squaring off with a Carp.

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