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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to the Future

This video is not meant to be one bit instructional or helpful--well not helpful in the sense of learning how to fish for carp.  It is mostly clips of takes from very visible fish.  Watching my own video clips in the winter is "useful" to me in that it helps me to remember seasons past and to look forward to the summer.  This video is "just for fun".  If you already carp fish then this video might make you smile.  If you don't carp fish this video might make you drool.  I don't know maybe it's the other way around.  If you already carp fish and it is still cold where you live this video might make you drool.  Heck, I took all the footage, I produced the video, and it makes me drool.  I didn't drool on the screen though so don't worry, you won't get any on you.

I had hoped to get three videos produced in the winter before carp season started.  I finished, "Dreaming of Warm Summer Days" and I just finished this one, "Welcome to the Future".  The third video, "Carp Fishing, Casting, and Confidence"--well, it's part way finished but it is highly unlikely I will get it completed before the season starts.  It has some great footage in it and it will also have some useful or helpful information in it.  Maybe I will do it this summer, maybe it will have to wait until the fall.  Time will tell.

This video is best watched on the full screen in 1080p.  Enjoy.