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Friday, January 23, 2015

Videos Coming Soon

This past summer I had some tremendous days of carp fishing.  (Some not so tremendous ones too...)  A number of carp were even kind enough to let me get them on video.  A couple carp came all the way out of the water on the hook set and they let me record them in the act.  Dang that was cool!

I broke two rods this summer; lets see here, ammmm...that would be two rods in two days actually with both of them being just as I was netting the fish.  One of those snapping rods can be seen on video.  Heck if the camera is on it records that good and the bad.

Believe it or not I have some very good, long casts on video from the last two summers; the fish are clearly visible, heck a few of them were even nice enough to take the fly.  God bless those nice ones.

The "Good Luck Duck" appears (audibly) in one of my videos and while he has scared fish in the past I like to think he helped me catch the fish I was casting to.  He did.

When I see two tailing or shopping/prowling fish facing each other and in sight of each other I think it makes them more aggressive about taking my fly.  Well I got that on video this past summer too; one of them smacked the fly.

I got some good video of fish taking the fly on the drop.  One of them was hiding under a small weed patch that was floating on the surface.  His head wasn't visible but his tail was sticking out behind the patch.  I dropped the fly in front of the weeds and just as pretty as you please he came out and ate the fly.

I had hoped to produce at least three videos this winter.  I have worked a lot the last few months marketing and selling homes and as a result so far all I have done is start some videos.  I have one video project with a couple sloshers and a couple jumpers.  I will call it something like, "After the Hook Set What do Carp Do?" or "Do Carp Ever Jump?"  I'm still thinking about the title.  This video is just for fun.  I have a project I'm working on called "Long Casts and Confidence--Catching Carp at Distance".  I thought this one would be helpful.  I have another one on adjusting and adapting to conditions and fish behavior.  I had hoped to produce something on dropping the fly.  And of course since I have the "Good Luck Duck" recorded I thought I would let him make an appearance on my blog and on YouTube.

Well good grief, so far I haven't finished even one of these.  I'm the closest to finishing "After the Hook Set What Do Carp Do?"  and "The Good Luck Duck".   I'm trying, I'm trying.  Some videos will be coming soon--I hope.