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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fishing with Travis--A Couple Apex Athletes (The Fish, Not Me)

There is a spot on my river that requires a very long walk to get there and then there is a lot of wading to do once you are there.  I believe I could get there and fish some, but I know I would not make it back to my carpwagon.  Well, at least not on the same day I started anyway.  Come on, I'm not 40, I'm 62, and feeling like I do pretty well all things considered.

My buddy Travis and I fished this water.  Instead of doing all the initial walking, we got there in his boat and I sure appreciated the opportunity.  Never mind that I was injured during the trip; I healed in a couple weeks.  The water is beautiful and VERY carpy.

Here is Travis really leanin' into one!  
(Also notice that he has a new lid that is pretty, dang, fly!)

Travis and I with a couple apex athletes.  


The Chocolate Cherry is such a great Carp fly.

Here is a short video clip of a take and the hookset.  Watch how fast a Carp can move when it is motivated.  I was SO lucky that when he got to the trees he turned back out in to the river.  

It was a great day; thanks Travis!

PS There is still time to get your "soft porn" Carp pictures in.  You could win an Orvis Hydros Carp line or a Got Backing? t-shirt.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Contest Update

A couple days ago I made a post about a photo contest.  Two questions have come up in email that I am answering.  First, the fish must be a Common Carp or a Mirror Carp please.  And secondly, yes, I will take entries from other countries.  We already have one from Spain!  Thanks Jorge.  Who knows, that Orvis Hydros Carp line or the Got Backing? t-shirt may be traveling to another continent.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Contest Time

Katy and I became first time grandparents on July 29.  Our oldest son and his wife had twin girls and we are absolutely thrilled!  Suffice it to say I haven't thought too much about blogging these past couple weeks.

Devan and Erin.  Talk about love at first sight...

Well, now, it is time for a contest.  That isn't nearly as exciting as being new grandparents but it is still some exciting, don't you think?

First prize in this contest is a new Orvis Carp line.  Dang I'm liking this line!  You will too.  The more I use it the more I like it.  Second prize is a "Got Backing?" t-shirt.  You can choose your size from S-XXL.  This is some cool swag; yup, pretty darn cool.

Sweet, new Orvis Carp Line

The picture that is on the shirt:

This is a photo contest.  Hero shots with people holding fish are what I think of as "hard porn" fishing pictures.  "Soft porn" fishing pictures are when there is a fish in the picture but there is more to the picture than just "showing it all" so to speak.  "Soft porn" fishing pictures might have part of the fish in the picture.  They might show all of the fish from farther back and give some, or a lot of emphasis to the surroundings. A "soft porn" picture might be a close up of the fish like the picture on the t-shirt.   "Soft porn" fishing pictures give way more room for creativity.  This is a relaxed contest.  I'm not looking for a heavily edited, color saturated picture.  A fun and/or well done "soft porn" picture would be great.  It does have to have at least part of a Carp in it.  Entries must be received by August 31, 2013.  My wife will pick the winners.  If she asks for help from someone else, well, that's her choice.  I'm going with whatever she picks.

Guidelines for entry in the contest:

1.  Like us on Facebook.

2.  Share a link to this contest on your Facebook page.

3.  Email me a "soft porn" picture that you have taken with at least part of a Carp in the picture.  Email me at mrp1011@gmail.com

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Rivers Carp Tournament

I just received notification of this this Carp tournament in Tennessee. I wish I lived anywhere near this.  It sounds like a great time. People are coming from France?  Wow!  

"Don’t miss out on the fun, the bragging rights, the great prizes, and the chance to hook the biggest, ugliest fish you’ve ever caught on the fly at the 3 Rivers Carp Cup in Knoxville, TN.

This year’s 3 Rivers Carp Cup (3RCC) is to be held on Saturday, August 17th on the French Broad, Holston, and Tennessee Rivers located throughout the greater Knoxville area. The 3 Rivers Carp Cup is a one day fly fishing only tournament to benefit the Legacy Parks Foundation (http://www.legacyparks.org/). Legacy Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which works to assure that our community enjoys exceptional recreational opportunities, natural beauty and open spaces, and that those assets exist for generations to come. One of the primary areas of focus of Legacy Parks is to maintain the health of and access to our local waterways.  Knoxville's history and growth is tied to our waterways and our rivers continue to define much of our region.  The 3RCC is a fundraiser to support the continued development of recreational opportunities along the Holston and French Broad Rivers located below Cherokee and Douglas Dams respectively.  At present, access along the French Broad Blueway is adequate but incomplete while public access along the Holston River is extremely limited and as a result this unique outdoor asset is currently underutilized by a variety of users.  All proceeds from the 3 Rivers Carp Cup will go to support increased access opportunities on both rivers for a variety of users including fishermen, recreational paddlers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

The 3RCC allows anglers to fish for the elusive carp along some of East Tennessee’s most scenic waterways. The carp may be the most difficult fish to take on a fly and provides real challenges to the fly angler. Last year’s tournament saw 44 anglers from all over the United States chasing carp in support of the Legacy Parks Foundation. The momentum and enthusiasm for the 3 Rivers Carp Cup is building and we expect to have an even larger contention this year with participation from as far away as France."

·         Registration Fee: $50 (includes an official Carp Cup fishing shirt, drinks, and hors d’oevres.
·         Dates: Meet and Greet: August 16, 2013 6-8pm. Tournament: August 17, 2013, 8am-6pm.
·         For more information visit 3riverscarpcup.com
·         To register call Allen Gillespie (3RCC Tournament Director) at 865-200-5271 or email: allen@3riversangler.com.