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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fishing with Travis--A Couple Apex Athletes (The Fish, Not Me)

There is a spot on my river that requires a very long walk to get there and then there is a lot of wading to do once you are there.  I believe I could get there and fish some, but I know I would not make it back to my carpwagon.  Well, at least not on the same day I started anyway.  Come on, I'm not 40, I'm 62, and feeling like I do pretty well all things considered.

My buddy Travis and I fished this water.  Instead of doing all the initial walking, we got there in his boat and I sure appreciated the opportunity.  Never mind that I was injured during the trip; I healed in a couple weeks.  The water is beautiful and VERY carpy.

Here is Travis really leanin' into one!  
(Also notice that he has a new lid that is pretty, dang, fly!)

Travis and I with a couple apex athletes.  


The Chocolate Cherry is such a great Carp fly.

Here is a short video clip of a take and the hookset.  Watch how fast a Carp can move when it is motivated.  I was SO lucky that when he got to the trees he turned back out in to the river.  

It was a great day; thanks Travis!

PS There is still time to get your "soft porn" Carp pictures in.  You could win an Orvis Hydros Carp line or a Got Backing? t-shirt.  


  1. Man that fish really took off in the video! Love it. Pretty sweet double you guys pulled off too

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Federico. I looked at your blog; where are you from?

  3. I long for water like you have! Very nice fish and sweet video as always!


  4. It is fun when the line actually whizzes through the water isn't it?

    1. Yes, I love it when the line is whizzing through the water and my reel is singing the carp song!

  5. It's always a good time carpin' with Mr. P! That's such great water too!