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Friday, June 1, 2012

Shorts, Sandals, and Dancing with the Clouds

It's June 1; WooHoo!  Today was the first time this year I could fish for Carp in shorts, rolled up shirt sleeves, and sandals.  (That would be from my boat.)  What a great feeling!

At 6:30 when I got up this morning the sky was totally overcast.  I gave serious thought to not fishing and just going home.  As Carp fishing challenges go, murky water is the worst, wind is more worse than murky water, and no direct sunlight is the most worst of all. It was slightly windy and there there was no visibility.  Not good, not good.  That's like the most worst and then some.

I was at the Carp Lodge, in central WA and it is a three hour drive home so I persevered and made myself go fishing.  When I arrived at the reservoir there were  the beginnings of shadows.  Those shadows invigorated me; if I could see fish I knew I had a chance of tricking them with my flies.   Just those simple, half light shadows brought out the 12 year old in me.  Oh yes!

It was warm so I could wear shorts, sandals, and rolled up shirt sleeves.  I just love that!

As I launched the boat at 10:15  the clouds filled much of the sky.  Trying to will them away from the sun was largely fruitless.  I felt fortunate that for no apparent reason the masses of clouds steered clear of the sun for a good amount of the late morning and early afternoon.  There were times when I just sat down and waited for the sun to reappear.  It would and I was grateful.

By 2:30 I felt like the sun and  I were constantly dancing with the clouds.  The sun would peak out around the edge of some clouds and I would scan for Carp.  A cloud would move slightly and the lights would come on for awhile.  The cloud would move slightly again and the lights would go out.

I managed to get some hookups and felt very good about that.

They love the Carp Carrot.

This one was just over 13 pounds

They love the Chocolate Cherry too.

By 3:30 the clouds were no longer dancing with me and the sun.  They were blocking it and more dark clouds were moving in.  For about 30 minutes I pretended I could see fish without the sunlight but it was futile.
It was still 87 degrees when I got back to the Carp Lodge.  Today I had to dance with clouds but it was warm, I wore shorts and sandals, I released 7 Carp, and I feel pretty dang fortunate.  


  1. Nice, Jim. I love summer days with lots of nice carp.

  2. Sweet Mr.P!

    Still looking for red dyed grizzly. Pretty fish, and large enough for me.


  3. Sounds like a stellar day in my book...those fish look well-fed for sure!

  4. Good stuff Mr. P. I had similar conditions today. Gotta have a lot of patience to get the hook-ups. Great report!

  5. I think you need someone to carry your extra rods and row you around. I'm available :)