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Monday, June 4, 2012

Old Boots

Are they such old boots?  Not really.  More like well worn.  I suppose they are like me.  Am I really that old?  Not really.  More like well worn.    

It is time to replace the laces on my boots; that's for sure.  Even though the boots themselves are well worn I don't think it is time to replace them yet.  Again, like me.  

Looking at these tired, scuffed, scratched up old things brings to mind so many good memories of rivers and lakes I have waded.   Memories of days on the water...memories of walking and walking to find fish, memories of kicking rocks, memories of stepping carelessly and scaring Carp, memories of tailing Carp...memories of the take...   

In time I will have to replace the boots and as silly as it is I know already that I will feel like some of my memories will be lost with the boots.  

When it comes to getting rid of things that aren't useful anymore Katy says that I am, "Swift and sure."  Usually I am.  Still there are some things that one might say I get overly attached to.  I've gotten attached to these old boots as if they aren't part of the memories but they help hold the memories.  They do.  

On Thursday I leave to fish for Mirror Carp in the Blackfoot Reservoir with John Montana.  We are meeting Chris from manyafish and Brent from Uprising.  

Worn as they are, these old boots are ready for some new memories.  Like me.  


  1. I hope you have rare perfect weather. Best to you guys!


  2. Yeah man, old broken in comfy gear is the best gear. Until it is totally trashed and worthless of course. Been planning a similar post on my super stinky lucky carpin hat. Good luck at Blackfoot, sounds like you guys are gonna have quite a crew.

  3. What a prelude! I'm looking forward to the stories to come. Oh, and I get very attached to stuff too.