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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thanks a Lot to the Idaho Guys!

Back from the Land of Mirrors there are a number of things to write about.  The guys from Idaho, the absolutely beautiful scenery, the Mirror Carp, the techniques, the learning curve, the flies, the wading, the weather, the takes, the pictures, the broken rod, & John Montana's driving; there is something to say about all of it.  I will do that in the days ahead.

My initial post about this trip needs to stand alone.   It is important to me to make a separate post that emphasizes how much both John and I appreciated ChrisShane and Brent.  You guys were just plain fabulous on every level!  All three of you are clearly very accomplished Carp anglers.

Chris and Shane  met us the first morning for breakfast in Soda Springs.  From there we headed to the Blackfoot Reservoir to pursue fat, happy, Mirror Carp.

Here in Washington and Oregon we only catch Carp by sight fishing.  We just don't have any success blind casting.  As far as I knew sight fishing was the only way they could be caught.  To a large extent I assume that if a Carp takes a certain fly here in WA she will take the same fly in Idaho.  Both of these things are not necessarily true.  We spent most of our time blind casting which was certainly a change in strategy for us.

Chris and Shane took us to several different spots on the reservoir.  The flies I started with were too small.  The water was cloudy and I don't believe the Carp could find my flies.  They needed to be twice as large as they were.  Chris spent time walking with me, sharing patterns and working hard to get me into fish.  He was gracious, patient, and very helpful.  You were amazing Chris.  Thanks.

Chris with a Blackfoot porker. 

That is one serious net Shane is dragging

But serious fish need a serious net.  

Brent met us the second day.  The air temperature was in the low 40's.  Combine that with hard wind and it was cold.  I was wearing a T-shirt, a solar shirt, a flannel shirt, a fleece jacket, waders, and a raincoat.  Definitely not what I am typically wearing for a day of Carping.  I was still cold with all those clothes.  Not long after we started fishing Brent fell in.  With the cold water and the cold air the risk of hypothermia was immediate; Brent's day was over.

We went back to the vehicles.  Brent had taken off his waders and much of his clothes.  I don't post this picture to make fun of him being wet and cold.  I post it to make the point that even while he is standing there shivering, before he gets in the truck and turns on the heat, he is making sure that John and I have a couple more the large flies that he uses.  Talk about going the extra mile; Brent, that was incredible.  You rock man!

There are other things to say and other pictures to post.  Home now for three days, my bruises and sprains are healing, the broken rod has been sent in for a warranty claim, and I am feeling very fortunate for the opportunity to have done this trip.  Thanks John for doing this trip with me.  Thanks so much Chris, Shane, and Brent for all of your help before and during the trip.  Again, you guys rock!  


  1. Thanks Jim. It was a pleasure meeting you. Sorry it was such a short visit. Mother Nature has been pretty grumpy over here this year so far. It feels like winter more than summer.

    I look forward to more fishing excursions in the future.

  2. Never met a borish carper and never hope to, glad the three were there to help, I thank you guys as well.


  3. looking forward to your next report with specific thoughts on blind casting.
    In the koi world the picture of the carp held by hand is referred to as a leather carp as there are no mirrow scales down the lateral line. Only scales under the dorsal.
    I've found someone to go with me flyrodding for carp and even have a date set
    in july if it ever warms up. all i have to do is find a place with promise that's not a day's travel away. mean time Mr. P get back to "the blog" :)

  4. Agreed Jim..the ID carpers totally rocked.

  5. Good stuff right there Mr. P. I'm enjoying the heck out of these posts from you and John about this trip.

  6. I had a great time fishing with you guys! Looking forward to the rest of your posts on your Idaho carpin' experience.

  7. Glad you guys had a good time. Another dimension added to carping portfolio.