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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ella the Carp and the Land of Mirrors

The Blackfoot Reservoir appeared on my radar back in 2005.  The body of water has only Mirror Carp.  Seeing pictures of large Mirror Carp made me wide eyed and I knew I would fish there one day.  In 2006, I corresponded with a Euro-style angler from California who had been there with some of his friends.  His stories and his pictures cemented my determination to travel to the Land of Mirrors.

This is Ella the Carp.  She is a Common Carp.  She lives on the wall in the Carp Lodge next to Harry the Heron.

Ella was made by a word worker who lives very near the Carp Lodge.  She has 244 separate pieces.  Each scale is an individual piece.  (Guess how much we paid for Ella.  Seriously, guess please; you won't be offended.)

I am guilty of personifying things at times.  It works for me.  Sometimes it makes perfect sense to me.

Ella is anxious for me to go the Land of Mirrors.  In anticipation of leaving for this trip she and I posed for a picture together awhile back.

Is it that all of the Carp in the Blackfoot Reservoir are Mirrors that piques my interest so much?  It is that in part, but the Carp in that water are big and that really piques my interest!

Yes, I want to catch Mirrors but I want some major phatties!  And I know Ella wants me to hook up with those hogs.  Oh, and John, Ella and  I want you to catch some big ones too.

I have tied some extra Carp Carrots, Chocolate Cherries, Salt & Peppas, and Black Betties just for you.
See you soon fat Idaho Carp...


  1. OK, I'll Bite. $244.00 and how original a quess. I wish you and John the very best of luck, I've been watching the weather as what they have often passes us first, except that Snake is 2000 ft. above ours. I was thrilled just to SEE one the other day! Good fishing and experiences!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes Gregg. We are hoping for good fishing and good memories.

  2. being the koi guy, we call them mirror carp. In shows a carp like this would never
    place as the scalation is referred to as redundant. Often infections start under these big scales,becoming hard to see till the scale drops off and a gapping red hole is revealed.

    gregg did well to quess what he did....I'll say half of that!

    been kinda discouraged reading about all the unique places your going. I'm still trying to find something in western washington. have me flies all tied. If it would only quit raining and think about getting warm. (sigh)

    So until then i have to live vicariously thru your adventures. so keep up the good work! and thanks for letting us tag along. :)

    1. Hi Dick. Thanks for visiting my blog. Are there Mirror Koi? What makes a Carp competitive in a show?

      Yes, the rain is discouraging. Good job getting some Carp flies tied.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Troy, the woodworker who made Ella the Carp, has a shop about a half mile from the Carp Lodge. His shop is within walking distance of orchards. He gets all of his wood for free from people who top, trim, or remove trees. Ella is made from Cherry. Troy asked for $60. I paid him $65.

  4. That picture of you and Ella made my day Mr. P.

    And 60 bucks??? Really??? Heck, I thought Gregg's guess was low.

    Good luck to you and John! Looking forward to the reports.

  5. Thanks Ty. Troy just does incredible work. He gets all of his wood for free but still his prices are remarkably low. If I saw Ella for sale somewhere and I knew it was made of 244 separate pieces I would have guessed higher than Gregg also.

    Thanks for the the positive waves you are sending our way.