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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new pack AND I carried a new net

While fishing the Blackfoot Reservoir back in June with John Montana  we traded packs one day.  John had a new pack that he was really liking.  I wore his pack for a couple hours and he wore mine.  I also wore the net that John carries.  The pack is the Stealth Atom  from Patagonia and all of my gear junk fit into it.  

I own a good number of nets.  I always have a net when I Carp fish from a boat but I just don't like carrying one when I wade.   When I am wading I weigh my Carp in a sling as I showed in a previous post.  There are plenty of times when I would like to have a net when I am wading; I just haven't felt that  the hassle of carrying one was worth the trade. 

Back in town after the Idaho trip I purchased the Stealth Atom from Pacific Fly Fishers, my local fly shop.  It made its maiden voyage yesterday.   Mostly I liked it.  It is designed well and holds all of the gear I bring including a 32 ounce bottle of water.  It rides high so it doesn't get wet.  As you swing it around in front of you to change a fly it pivots 90 degrees so the zippers are on top instead of on the side.  That is very slick.  A nerve in my shoulder got somewhat aggravated from the pack but I am hoping that will improve with time and continued use.  That probably would have been true when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's.  Now it is more likely the sore nerve will get worse with continued use.  Time will tell.  I'm rooting for the pack because I really like the way it performs.  

Several Carp liked my flies.

A bigger deal for me was that I carried a net yesterday and really liked it!  The way I carried it isn't like anything I have seen anyone do and I'm feeling pretty dang good about how convenient it was to carry and how well  it performed.  Actually, it was great!   Regardless of what pack I use in the future I will be carrying a net from here on out when I am wading  and chasing Carp.  


  1. How'd you carry it? I have been avoiding bringing mine because it seems so cumbersome.

  2. Cool, on both accounts. Although I rarely carry a net either...so I too am wondering how you did it somewhat comfortably. Do tell!

  3. Nice Jim.

    I carry a folding net with some home made adjustments. I have a clip screwed into the handle so it stays folded, and then i screwed a circle like screw into the handle. I bought a $4 dog leash and took the clip part off of the leash. The I just use the key ring to attach the dog leash clip to the pack strap. Sounds complicated, but it is pretty simple. The key ring slides down and the my left side because of the way the pack rides. So the clip stays on the pack...I just unclip the net to use it. Jim was going to do a similar setup with the dog leash. I will put some pics up later and I am betting Jim will as well. Getting that stupid net rigged right took forever...but I won't fish without a net. Too handy for the big ones.

    That stealth atom is a sweet pack! Good stuff Jim!

    1. I'm feeling very good how this setup works. I have nets but as you say Brookfield Angler; they are too cumbersome to carry when wading for Carp.

      Erin, I fished today for about an hour and forty-five minutes. I netted a 16 pound 6 ounce Carp along with a couple smaller ones. The net worked so dang well! I'm not trying to be coy about it. I had hoped to get some video of how it works but for now I will take a few pictures and post them soon.

  4. I posted some pics of my set up Jim...looking forward to seeing how you set yours up. You know I have been messing with packs and nets for a long time!

  5. Nice post Mr P. A net can be a pain, I agree. But I've found I'm always glad I have it. Seems worth the effort most days.

  6. Looks like that Orvis sling pack. I love that thing.

  7. Good stuff Mr.P!

    I've an old Orvis Safe Passage vest that is rather cool and holds most of what I carry, and a military butt pack holds the rest. I'll cry if it ever bites the dust. As for the net, I'd never, ever, land one with out it, but that's my situation. I emphathize with nerve damage, trust me on that.