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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crayfish from Missouri Part II

Earlier in the year Chris from Missouriflies.com sent me some of his great looking Crayfish patterns.  I took them out in the spring to give them a try.  When I first tried them it was very windy as it often is in the spring in central WA.  The wind bowed the line quickly and I could not get the flies down to the Carp.

Its the summer now; the days are HOT and the wind has calmed down.  Well, mostly calmed down.  I had a chance to try Chris's Crayfish patterns last week in less windy conditions.  BAM!  They work.  This 16 pound 6 ounce fish took this pattern.

Dang I love it when they open their purdy Carp lips and slurp up my fly; I just love it!

A couple more Carp liked the fly too.  Thanks a lot Chris for sending me these flies.  They looked good right out of the box and they tricked some Carp.


  1. That's awesome! I'm glad they worked for you! This pattern and all its size variations is starting to prove productive around the country. Its certainly one of my favorites. Thank you for fishing them, and writing about it!

  2. Chris's flies demand respect, I'm glad for that report also. Nice!


  3. That's one very handsome fish in that first pic.

    Mr. P - been meaning to ask you. Do you leave your barbs up, or do ya squash 'em ? Just curious as to your view on barbs.

    1. Hi JM,

      Thanks; it was a great fish.

      I squash the barbs at the vise when I am tying. I just do it for all of my flies. Heck JM, if for no other reason when I hook my shirt or myself the fly comes out easily when the barbs are squashed. :))

  4. Yes, I mash them at the vise as well. A carp's lips are the world record hook holders in my opinion. Actually, All my flies are debarbed, that's the camp I'm in.