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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nettin' Carp Like a Gunslinger, or, Carrying a Net Made Easy

In my last post I mentioned that probably the highlight of the trip was being able to easily and comfortably carry a net.  I had wanted to get video of me netting a fat Carp but I will have to wait until I am fishing with someone else for that.  For now here are some pictures of the net and the way I am carrying it.  Katy took video of me kind of "playing a fish" and accessing the net.  Okay, the line is wrapped around the leg of a table so I guess I playing a picnic table but bear with me until I can get some video of the real thing.  

I am using a large Solvkroken telescopic net.   That link is to the manufacturer in Norway.  The net is widely available in the UK.    The handle telescopes but more importantly the net easily folds down to a small package. As near as I can tell the only place to get this net in the United States is the Red Rock Wilderness Store in Minnesota.  Talk to Jackie; she is very helpful.  

I believe I first purchased this net 8 years ago.  I was concerned that the cotton string bag would not work as well as as a soft nylon mesh bag so I had it replaced by a guy who makes nets for professional aquaculturists.  I always use that net when I fish for Carp from the Zodiac.  You can see a picture of it here; it has the white bag.  With the nylon mesh bag the net no longer folds as compactly as it does with the cotton string bag.  I love this net.  It is strong and durable.  It opens and closes easily.  I have weighed fish over 20 pounds in this net by simply putting the scale hook on the frame of the net.

This is me standing in the gravel by the Carp Lodge.  I'm wearing my new Patagonia Stealth Atom pack.  I'm also wearing a new Solkroken net.  You can't even see it.

The net is in a scabbard.  The scabbard has a belt loop at the top so it slides smoothly around the pack strap.

The net in the scabbard up close.

For wading I purchased another Solvkroken net and left the original soft cotton bag on it.  By itself the net is great.  On a 1 to 5, I would give it a 5.  I was already completely sold on the net.  For wading and stalking Carp now I have a way to carry the net easily and comfortably.   The scabbard was only $21.95 from Yellowstone Angler.  When the net is in the scabbard it doesn't catch on brush or weeds like it would if it was open all the time.  The scabbard is nylon mesh so it drains easily.  The net slips in and out quickly using just one hand.  This is the large or maxi size net.  It comes in a smaller size for Trout etc.  

I have only used this setup two days but know that it has now become a part of my standard Carp gear.  

A 16 pound 6 ounce fish that I netted with my new setup and weighed in the net.  

A smaller fish in the net

Catchin' Carp and Nettin' 'em Like a Gunslinger

In the video I only open and close the net.  The handle also telescopes farther out.  

Up next will be a post about my recent results with flies from Chris at Missouriflies.com

After that I am working on a post about estimating the size of Carp.  Stay tuned.


  1. Nice Jim! I can't imagine fishing without a net. Glad you have a set up!

  2. Looks like a sweet rig P. Goin all robin hood on us. I have one the same size that I absolutely love, but the bag is too shallow and it starts to not work around 18lb. Find a deeper bag and it would be golden.

    1. I have another folding net that there are pictures of in my post on nets and the sling. It's smaller. So far the Solvkroken has been fine with a 16 pound 6 ounce fish. From your email it sounds like you have a different brand. I'm anxious to catch a Carp that my net will just barely handle.

  3. That's a great set-up Mr. P. I'm probably going to get a collapsible net soon and will check the Solvkroken out. Appreciate the info.

  4. I am excited about the scabbard! I just emailed yellowstone angler about it's dimensions to see if my folding net will fit.

    1. BA, the scabbard is 18 inches from the bottom to the top of the opening. It is 22.5 inches from the bottom to the top of the belt loop. With the opening flattened down it is about 5.5 or 5.75 inches across at the top of the opening. I hope it works for you. Let us know.

    2. Thanks! I'll let you know if it works

  5. I've been looking to carry a net while wading the river, but haven't been able to find a net and carrying system that is convenient enough. I think I just found it. Thanks for sharing your good field research Mr. P.