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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Carp on the Fly Video Seminar

I will be presenting a "how to", Carp on the fly, video seminar at the Bellevue Orvis Store on Sunday, July 22.  We will be starting at noon.  Parking is easy on Sunday.  There will be lots of time for questions and answers.  I hope to see you there.  

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to me by Craig who attended one of my recent Carp on the fly seminars.

"I am happy to announce I have caught my first CARP; landed on a 6wt and took the fly (black cherry) out of his mouth.  WOW!!  He was about 24” long and beautiful; yellowish green with different sized scales and long whiskers.  The fishing process (stalking, casting to the dinner plate, and body movement indicating a “take”, was exactly as you described.  This is hard work.  I was in knee deep water with a mud bottom, ugh.  I could see the back and side of the carp, but not their mouth.  But when I saw the slight body twist I recognized it and set the hook.  He erupted from the water splashing me in the process, and, took off.  Ah, the carp song… ZZZZZZZZ..ZZZZZ..zzz.zzz  He would not fit in my trout net..."

Thanks for the email Craig.  I am pleased that you were able to hook up after just two trips.  Good for you!


  1. Mr.P,

    Got to feel good to help people like Craig! Now he's doomed to regarding the small silver fish as a "if I have to" try.


  2. Great job, P! I have been introducing a buddy of mine to carp on the fly after he was struggling quite a bit. He had a hard time understanding the stalking and when to set the hook. After a couple good outings, he has become a carp machine!

  3. It's funny how that transition goes many times. From "just can't get a hook-up" to "carp machine" ... but only after the "awakening", which is usually brought on by good instruction.