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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Highway Cone

Some time back John Montana wrote about pursuing and catching Highway Cone in a small pond.  I can't imagine how the fish might have escaped into open water but as it turns out there appears to be more than one Highway Cone.  

Totally by chance, while Carp fishing, I saw her in the margins.  And oh, she was a beauty!  Her nose was down and her tail was sticking out of the water.  In classic Carp fashion there was Highway Cone tailing in the shallows.  Her tail was so far out of the water I could see her from a long way down the shore.  I knew I would never get this opportunity again.  My first cast would likely be my only shot; it had to be perfect.  Several minutes passed as I carefully got into position to deliver my carefully placed cast.  Ever so cautiously, with small quiet steps, I got as close I dare without getting any closer than I had to.  In range, I slowly stripped some line off the reel and then began false casting off target so as not to spook Highway Cone.  The fly landed perfectly.  It was only a matter of a few seconds and I was able to set the hook.  Incredible!  


  1. LOL...reminds me of the (DPR) Electric Chub that I caught last year!!


  2. If it's any consolation, you had me hooked better than the highway cone.

  3. Sooner or later you will pay for that one Jim!

    Getting a report up from today shortly...

  4. Look at the tail on that beast. Man you Columbia guys have it good.

  5. I came around the corner and saw that darn thing sitting in the water and thought of your fish John. I thought if was funny. Truth be told I didn't actually cast to it. It was feeding so intently I just walked over and hooked it and then walked back out and took the picture.

    Pay for that John? You should smile and thank me.

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