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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gettin' back to it

I did my presentations at the Washington Federation of Fly Fishers Fair in Ellensburg on Friday and Saturday.   After finishing up on Saturday I stayed to visit with several guys.  Later, getting back in my Carpwagon I found a nice surprise.  Go figure, lo and behold there was some fishing tackle there.  Well it was later in the day than when I usually begin fishing but I hadn't Carp fished yet this year and I had reached a point where I didn't care if the wind was howling, the sky was cloudy, and the water was muddy; I was going anyway.  Well, actually I do care, but not enough to keep me from going.  I got to the lake with really just a couple hours of time left to fish.  Below are the first three casts I made for Carp this year. It is such a simple thing, making the first few casts.  It was like coming home after being away for a long time.  It just felt so darn good!  I wish I could say I got a Carp on the first cast.  I didn't.

I did get a couple and they both reminded me why I just love Carp fishing.  I saw both takes and it is still magic.  They took the Chocolate Cherry.  Here is one after I had played him awhile.


  1. You guys and your clear water, spooky stuff! Seriously, that is good news!


  2. I'm embarrassed if this shows up twice, but my first doesn't exist here. Look at that clear water! Someday I'll have some with carp in it. Probably preserved in alcohol. I'm glad for you, great carpin!


  3. Enjoyed the message exchange yesterday John. Thanks.

    Trevor, yes, I love May too! I think I just might love June a little better but that is a function of where we live, the weather, the water temperature, and the height of the water. I love any good day of Carp fishing!

    Gregg, some of the time we have clear water. Sometimes it is liquid mud, and some of the time it everything in between.