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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Does That Sling Make Her Look Fat?

Having read my post Nets, Slings and a Tape, two fly rod Carpers emailed me to ask about how I weigh fish.  They wanted to know about my scale and my sling.  I'm always happy to oblige on questions like that.  Anxious to be helpful, this past week I got some "action" shots of the scale and sling.

The sling is nylon mesh so it doesn't absorb much water.   If it is wet and has dripped for a count of five it weighs 14-15 ounces.  I call it a pound so that is how much I deduct from the shown weight when a Carp takes a ride in my sling.

Editorializing here a bit, I don't think anyone can accurately estimate the weight of fish unless they have actually weighed a good number of fish.  Even then it is still an estimate.  Since many Carp fly anglers don't seem to carry a scale and something to safely suspend the fish in I think that the majority of Carp do not get weighed.  Consequently, a fair number of weight estimates are likely to be off.  Really the only solution to knowing accurately how much a fish weighs is to get a scale and something to cradle the fish in.  A net works for safely holding the fish but I only use a net when I am in my boat.  I don't like carrying one when I wade.  The sling works well for me.   The Carp in the sling weighs 8 pounds.  The sling really doesn't really make her look fat.

This next girl is twice as big as the previous one.  Does the sling make her look fat?  Yes, because she is!  Deducting a pound for the sling she is over 16 pounds.  Dang, she looks good in the sling!

Oh yeah, Highway Cone, that's still coming.


  1. I intend to ask for a digital scale for Father's Day, suspending my carp from my net, of course subtracting net weight. I do believe I have no real clue for fish over say, 8lb., and I
    am tired of guessing. Those are beauties! Good Job!


  2. I learned a lot in this post...having never weight a carp. Good info, Mr. P!

  3. Nice Jim. I am a big believer in carrying a scale of some sort.

  4. Good post Jim. Thanks.

    I honestly have no clue what the carp I catch weigh, so I probably need to get a setup like yours.

  5. Very timely post for me, Mr. P. Just bought a digital scale. I have been thinking through the weighing process and how to go about it with minimal stress to the fish. Appreciate the info.