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Friday, March 2, 2012

Crayfish from Missouri

In a recent post of mine, The Chocolate Cherry and Small Boobs,  a few of the comments were from Chris at Missouriflies.com. He has had much the same experience as me in that he has found simple flies to work the best for Carp.  He suggested that I try some Crayfish patterns tied with fox for the tail.  Through the years I have tied with fox tail, squirrel tail, and calf tail but the question is, "When".  Well I still tie with calf tail but it has been decades since I used any fox tail or squirrel tail.

Chris and I exchanged some emails after the blog comment exchange.  He sent me some of his flies to try; wow that was darn nice of him!  They are great looking Carp patterns and now I'm even more anxious for spring to get here so I can try his flies.  I'm looking forward  to making a post a picture of a major phattie with one of these flies stuck in his "purdy Carp lips".  

Here are some pictures of the flies he sent.  

Thanks Chris!


  1. Those look delicious..for fish! Nice photos, would love to see those in action myself.

  2. Hi Mr.P.,

    He's a master of the baby crawfish design and weed guards as well, to look at Chris's site is like a kid at a candy store. Hope ypu do well with those, I know you'll keep us posted.


  3. Yes, simplistic ties ... Chris gets it. The black
    bead-chain is a must.

  4. Nice. Pretty sweet flies right there.

  5. Thanks for the post Mr.P...very cool! iWalton, Gregg, JM, and Ty thanks for the compliments.