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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Carp Fishing Perhaps?

Mmmm...probably not. That's a wind gauge in the upper right corner.


  1. Holy cow. Here too! My neighbor used to be a physics teacher, and has a whole meteorology set up at his house...clocking in 100 mph gusts!!!

  2. 100?!!! As in one hundred mph? Yikes that a lot of wind! I went outside to see what the high 60's felt like. I had to crouch to keep my balance. Does a person even go outside in 100 mph wind? Seriously, can you drive when it blows that hard? Its good weather to write, drink tea, and tie flies.

    1. Yep! 100 mph! Blew a semi over this morning...and drifted over the roads creating ice. I guess the entire highway was closed last night. Pure craziness.

  3. People wonder about my latitude and therefore weather and climate. The cliche' "Banana Belt" in our valley. Mountains protect us greatly form huge colliding air masses like both of you have. Yes, 60 mph winds very rarely, 25 below same, essentially though not bland weather, things grow here you would not expect, bamboo, (I know it's a Puget Sound green also,) palmettos, tamarisk (salt ceder.) I'd say Mr.P it was a good day to be thankful of one of your 80 items,a warm loving home.


  4. Sixty and hundred mph winds?? Crazy. I reckon that would keep me home too.