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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lessons from the Carp Lodge: Episode #3 is live

Episode #3 of Lessons from the Carp Lodge has been posted on YouTube.

Transitioning out of the close quarter, early season fishing for Carp seems to bring a problem for me every year. This episode shows the problem and the solutions.

This episode demonstrates when to set the hook by showing a Carp clearly moving to eat a real bug and then moving to eat the fake. I personally really like this particular segment because you can clearly see the fish make a decided move to snatch up a meal and do exactly the same thing to pick up the Chocolate Cherry.  No red arrows are needed at all.

You will see a Mirror Carp decide that I am ugly.  What can I say?...

Casting and stripping are the techniques used to get the fly on the Carp's dinner plate in this episode.

At the end of one of the narrative sections it looks like I don't know what to do next or like I forgot to get up.  That seems to happen to me more and more but as I take these videos I sit there a couple seconds at the beginning and the end so that if I add a transition it doesn't interrupt the narration.  I just sit there for a couple seconds and then get up and walk off camera.  That's my fly tying bench you will see.

You will also see me look down at me knee a couple times like I lost something or like I was falling asleep listening to myself.  I had a note card on my knee reminding me what part is next.  I just needed a quick prompt.

I received two emails asking about my fly, the Chocolate Cherry.  There is brief clip showing a whole "box of Chocolate Cherries".



  1. Mr. P - Hi, I'm really enjoying your Lessons from the Carp Lodge. really good information... I was wondering if you were going to do a tying lesson of the Chocalte Cherry and the Mr. P's Carp Carrot? Can't wait for lesson 4 .... Keep them coming, thx, Doug

    1. Thanks Doug. I'm glad you are enjoying the series. For the Carp Carrot and the Chocolate Cherry let me see how I can do with setting up the camera to record my fly tying.

  2. Mr P.,

    Nice! Somewhat gratifying to see someone other than me repeatedly blow casts and know what I've done to the fish's sense of well being. I have, we all have, had them really "Pound" a fly, in my case they do it when after fry in shallow water. Checking a cast helps turn over my fly at times. Well, waiting for the next! Wonderful stuff.


  3. Your best yet Mr P. The shot of the one take was awesome. He sure did hammer it. "For a carp" that was thunderous!

  4. Thanks Gregg; I appreciate your positive feedback.
    I certainly blow my share of casts.

    McTage, thanks for the props. "Thunderous"--excellent description!

  5. Great stuff! The footage of the takes and of the mirror carp taking off for the next county was awesome.