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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I just booked my plane tickets for a trip to far away Idaho.  Okay, its not as far away as Georgia, which I plan to fish in the near future by the way, but it still is a good deal farther than driving to central Washington where the Carp Lodge is.

John Montana and I are going to connect with Chris Cutler to fish the Blackfoot Reservoir.  For some time we have been talking about making this trip to try and catch some of the big fat Mirror Carp that the Blackfoot holds.  Well its gonna happen and I'm pretty damn excited!  (I wouldn't exactly say I'm slobbering on the keyboard because even in my advanced age I'm not that far gone. But I am kind of drooling a little.)


  1. Lucky you two! Let me know about access please. Like I've said many times mirrors are FAR less common 250 miles downstream where I'm at in the Snake.


  2. Oh yeah man, you guys are gonna have a great time. What an interesting fishery.

  3. Awesome. Look forward to that report.

  4. Awesome. You guys are gonna rock the reservation. Make sure you post lots of pics. BTW Mr.P, looking forward to a new video installment from the Lodge