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Monday, July 18, 2011

This One Jumped!

Holy Crimeny! This fish actually jumped out of the water. It was simply a magnificent fish on every level. It was feeding, I made a good cast, it turned to the fly, I set the hook and it just took off. It took me into the backing, I got it fairly close to me and off it went into the backing again. It was an amazing, strong fish. All of that alone would have all made it wonderful but then the darn thing jumped all the way out of the water!

Years ago, the very first Carp I caught jumped out of the water on the hook set. I have had that happen at least once every year (except last year) since I started chasing Carp on the fly. It is just not normal Carp behavior, at least not around here. I'm not talking about sloshing around on the top of the water; I'm talking about clearing the water. What an incredible animal this fish was. I felt like I wanted to sit and talk to the fish after the picture. I wanted to say thanks.

The whole day was good. Of the fish I hooked four of them were over 15 pounds. That's always nice. I caught one on a perfect pitch but the rest of them were all on casts. Pitching, plopping, and dropping, is fun but casting is way more fun.

The jumper took a #8 Carp Carrot as did some other nicely cooperative Carp.

I also hooked some on the Chocolate Cherry.

There was a preying mantis on the door mat of the Carp Lodge when I got back. That was kind of cool. It was just an unusual day from start to finish.

I love fly fishing for Carp!