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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Carp Tatoo

I have been selling lots of homes and catching lots of Carp. I think it is making me wild and crazy. It must be because I'm thinking of getting a tatoo. Of a Carp.


  1. I picture a big old set of carp lips going from shoulder blade to shoulder blade like those crazy angel wing tattoos except not. Probably not what you had in mind but it would be pretty funny.

  2. Ha! Not quite McTage. I am thinking more like a side view of the whole fish that is on one arm just below my shoulder and is only about four inches long. I'm feeling wild and crazy but not that wild and crazy.

  3. I would think about it myself if I hadnt sworn a solemn oath to never get a tatoo. You should contact Pat Cohen (Super Fly dude) about the art work. The tatoos he posts are really cool AND he actually knows what a carp attached to a fly looks like.

  4. Cool idea. Maybe I can get my wife to get one!