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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hurricanes & Mirror Carp: The Carp Lodge Part III

Dear Fat Mirror Carp,

On February 12, hurricane force winds blew at The Carp Lodge. A neighbor's anemometer (wind guage) registered 98 mph. Someone else observed 106 mph. That is inside of the guidelines for a force II hurricane. The winds lifted a guy's boat and trailer up, moved it across his yard and planted it up against the house with the motor stuck in the ground.

The wind certainly blows hard in central Washington but not usually that hard. I'm glad I wasn't there. It blew so darn hard that it actually tipped part of The Carp Lodge. The builder got it all straightened out and sheeted so things are fine.

We don't see many of you Mirror Carp in the Columbia; a few of course but Common Carp are the norm. Because I don't get to see you Mirror Carp very often it makes you more interesting and exotic. I really don't think that catching you or playing you is any different than catching or playing a Common, its just that you're unusual.

I try not to believe in bad luck; I prefer to believe in good luck. I think that it was very good luck that The Carp Lodge didn't tip all the way over. I think that good luck is going to continue this summer and I would really like one of you porky, 30 pound Mirror Carp to take my fly this summer. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you are too. See you when the wind calms down.


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