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Sunday, March 6, 2011

'bout Froze My Apples Off! The Carp Lodge Part IV

Icicles in distance

Icicles at midistance

Last week when we traveled to The Carp Lodge it was cold. Darn cold! We met with our builder for a few hours to make some choices about lighting and fixtures. We tried to meet on site but the cold just got to all of us so we finally had to go to a restaurant to talk. Both Katy and I dislike cold weather more and more as we get older. Part of why we are building The Carp Lodge in central Washington is so that we can go there in the spring, summer, and fall, when it is warm and sometimes just plain hot. Ahhh... We are both really looking forward to that.

There is Carp fishing over there too of course but I'm not talking about fishing now I'm talking about the weather. It's just a coincidence that there is Carp fishing near the Carp Lodge, that's all, just a coincidence.

When we got up on Friday morning it was 10°. During the night it had gotten down to 5°. That doesn't even count the bloody wind chill factor which was taking it below zero. That's too cold! It had been cold during the week to be sure but the temperature had dropped quickly, it had dropped a lot, and the wind had come up again.

There are a lot of orchards near The Carp Lodge. When we passed one it had thousands of icicles hanging from the branches. It was both beautiful and eeire.

Icicles close up

Framing is coming along nicely. The home is Santa Fe style. It will have a slightly pitched roof behind parapets. The exterior will be stucco and it will have scuppers and false vigas.

This picture is with my back to the river.

There will be no television at The Carp Lodge. We think of these two living room windows as "side by side big screen TV."

And even though it is only a coincidence that there is Carp fishing near The Carp Lodge I am sure looking forward to warm weather with big Carp in the flats.


  1. You got a couch picked out for me yet Jim? I don't need much!

  2. The Carp Lodge will have a couch John but it will also has a guest bedroom so you might prefer that. Looking forward to getting together this year.