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Monday, February 21, 2011

Excavation: The Carp Lodge Part I

Katy and I have talked about owning recreational property for years. We have looked off and on during much of that time. The fact is, we could never really afford it. I have changed jobs late in my life (well sort of late) and I'm making more money.

Carp fishing, particularly on the Columbia, got me looking again for possible property in central Washington.

There is so much, actually too much, to say about how we came to finally make an offer on a piece of property on the Columbia. In June 2010 we did. The offer was accepted but we had to go back and forth with the listing agent about the septic "As-Built". Finally, we got it and the loan was approved. It took months. We had met a great builder early in the process.

What can I say except that Katy and I are building a home on the Columbia River. We will enjoy it together, we will enjoy it with friends and family, we will enjoy it with our seperate friends, oh and one more thing, I will enjoy it for Carp fishing. She is very patient with me when I refer to it as The Carp Lodge. Holey Crimeny when the Carp Lodge is finished I will be able to stay on the river for a week. Suddenly Carp fishing will be a series of day trips from my home instead of an overnight trip. I can fish for a few days and then rest my middle age knees for a day and then fish for a few more days.

Katy and I are very excited. The view from The Carp Lodge is wonderful. The Carp Lodge is big enough that we can have guests over and they can have their own bedroom and their own bathroom. Did I mention that the view is very cool?

Construction on the Carp Lodge just started in December. These pictures are from that first day of excavation.

Dear Columbia River Commons and Mirrors--Come this summer you and I will be dancing regularly. I'm looking forward to it; I hope you, my fish friends, are looking forward to it too.

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