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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Major Phattie in Black & White--Before I blogged: Part I

For years I resisted putting pictures of myself on the Internet. Even when I made posts on fishing forums not only did I have no desire to post pictures of myself and my fishing but I had an aversion to doing it. Somewhere back in time, 2006 I believe, I got talked into posting a picture of myself with a Grass Carp I had caught on a fly. Well one thing led to another and a few years later I started blogging.

I have been working a lot the last few months but I am still day dreaming about Carp fishing. Going back through some of my old pictures from before I blogged I got a good chuckle out of this one. The fish was large and he fought well. I had a new camera that I was learning to use. I didn't know that I had just changed the setting to black and white. This picture was also noteworthy because it was my first effort and editing an image. If you look "very carefully" you can see where I tried to blot out the background.

How much longer until the spring and summer roll around?

How much longer until the spring and summer roll around?

Did I already say that?


  1. Nice fish! Did you get my email Jim. Check your yahoo account.

  2. John, I did not get your email. Just sent you an email. Do you recall that it was YOU who got me to post that picture of myself with the Grass Carp? Were it not for that moment of "weakness" (and two beers) I may never have ever posted a picture of myself on the Internet or started blogging. Well...I have actually really enjoyed the blogging and the amazing number of exchanges with Carp fisherman all over the world that have resulted from the blog. So, thanks.

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  4. Hah...I remember Jim. I ammglad you are having fun blogging. I enjoy it as well but the quality of my blog varies greatly from time to time! Keep up your good work!