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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fat Carp, Natty Ice, Hot Dogs, and Good Company

I need to start out by saying that I  I was dang lucky to even have my rod at all for the second day of fishing in the Carp-ocalypse. The first day we had gone from the northern part of Banks Lake all the way back to Desert Aire to look for big Carp. We fished near there. Well, more accurately we walked all over heck looking for fish and didn't find any until the last 20 minutes. When we took the boat out of the water I started to break my rod down to put back in the case. It's only a mile from the boat launch to the Carp Lodge and it is all on a 25 mph road so Travis told me I didn't need to break down the rod. He just set it in the boat next to his.  It was such a short ride I thought, "What the heck?..."  When we got to the Carp Lodge my rod wasn't in the boat.  The boat launch was very busy so if it had fallen out there it was likely crushed from the parade of trailers.  We started driving back to the boat launch watching for the rod in the road so that we didn't drive over it.  Fairly soon we saw a guy standing by the side of the road with my rod.  He was reeling in.  The fly had caught on a PFD and the PFD had blown out of the boat.  Now I ain't sayin' Travis is a crazy driver; I ain't sayin' nothin' of the sort.  That PFD just flew out because it is windy in central WA.  (Picture a little winky face thing here.)  The guy gave me the rod and I continued to reel in the line until I got to the PFD.  I have had some Carp take me way the heck into the backing but never as far as that PFD did.  Here is a picture Travis took when I was just about to finish reeling in the PFD.  Amazingly the rod was not damaged.  There is just a tiny nick on the handle of the reel.  I really got lucky on that one!  I think I used up all my luck for the Carp-ocalypse on getting back my rod.  There was no spare luck left for catching fish those first two days.

Travis, I want to catch a Carp that takes me into the backing as far as your PFD did.  

The tournament ended on Sunday afternoon.  Travis stayed at the Carp Lodge Sunday night; we were planning to fish again on Monday.  Now here's poor Travis; he comes to the Carp Lodge a suave, sophisticated redneck.  Next thing you know I got him sittin' on the patio, wearin' our Got Backing? shirts,  drinkin' Natty Ice, and eatin' hot dogs.  Travis, I'm so sorry man, I lowered your standards.  I'll try to make it up to you.

Monday morning we headed to a different part of the river.  Travis has dubbed the spot "Hard Luck Flats".  We were definitely seeing fish but almost all of them were sunbathing.  I cast to a slow cruiser that turned to the fly.  I really thought he thumped it good.  I didn't realize until I got the fish to the net that what had happened was that the fish was snagged in the face.  I hate that.  I didn't take any pictures of that fish.

Shortly after noon a Carp finally picked up my Salt and Pepper pattern.  I got him to the net.  It was my first fish in three days!  I want to say Blaaaaa! but I was grateful for the hookup.  In terms of size he was a pretty ordinary Columbia River Carp.  He was nice enough to eat my fly so that makes him special.

Travis and I were fishing water that was easy to wade but just slightly difficult to see in.  A porker came into my view.  It was tailing!  Oh my...  I made just two casts to her.  She took the Salt and Pepper; I set the hook and in short order the backing was heading down the river.  Lordy, it was wonderful!  After netting the fish Travis was nice enough to pause and take this picture while I balanced her on my knee.  She weighed 23 pounds.

I looooove Carp fishing!

I got one more fish to pick up the Salt and Pepper.  He was tailing.  The move to the fly was decisive and clear.  The fly wasn't in his pretty lips it was stuck down in his mouth a ways.

The last fish has been set back in the water and is getting ready to swim away. 

I was trying to get a picture of Travis here with the Pelicans flying by just before we waded out to fish.  Those are the wings of a pelican showing behind his hat.  

This is Travis totally engaged in stalking a Carp.  No wonder it is so frustrating and so rewarding all at the same time.

Travis, it was a pleasure to fish with you.  I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.  I wish to heck you had gotten some hookups.  Hard Luck Flats is a good name for that place!  Next time, next time...

I know you are fishing today and I hope you are knockin' the heck out of 'em!


  1. You are lucky! What a sick feeling those faux pas are! Nice fish I'm glad your perseverance paid off!


  2. That is my kind of fish Jim! Love it!

  3. I love that picture with the wings in the background. He looks like a carpin viking. Or perhaps the bird has a sense of humor and is giving him bunny ears. Love the pictures of huge carp too of course.

  4. The Carp Viking; I like that.