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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lessons From the Carp Lodge: Episode #1--Early Season Fishing

It is the Winter Solstice today. It is the shortest day of the year. Tomorrow we will have 5 seconds more of light! That makes me smile. To celebrate, I'm posting the the first episode of Lessons from the Carp Lodge.

I was able to render the video without any problem and I was able to get it to upload to YouTube without any problem. I thought I was home free. I tried to embed the video into this post with YouTube code. It embeds but when you click the play arrow you only see part of the screen. You can click the first orange link to go directly to YouTube. Or on the picture, after you click the play button, you can double click on the video and you will get a full screen view. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my template, eBlogger, my upbringing, my limited understanding of the world, or what. I'll keep working on it. Enjoy.

(Edit after original publication: I believe the screen for the video is small enough to fit now courtesy of some blogger coaching from McTage.)

Early Season Fishing: Episode #1


  1. Hey Mr.P.,

    Very well done indeed! I'll comment on nothing as you put it down as nice as anyone could!.

    Thank you, I realize how tough that was to produce.

    Can't wait for the others!


  2. Great first lesson, can't wait for the next... thx.

  3. Well done, Mr. P !! I know it will take lots of time, so I'll try to be patient waiting for Act 2.

  4. Loved it! Not ashamed to say I've been waiting all week for that!

  5. Awesome Mr P! Do I need to ask copyright permission to drop that line about being excited to spawn on my wife? I cracked up at that. Love that you are focusing on tight-quarter methods and non-glory feeding modes first. For the segment on plopping at slightly longer than dunking range, have you ever tried flipping (underhand pendulumn casts)? Great soft and precise presentation good to about 15 feet.

  6. Good stuff Jim...but did you have to release that in the winter when I can't go out there for Amy carp action?! You are killing me!

    Nice work...looking forward to the next one.

  7. Happy you know that my left is right!

    temps here are in the upper fifties so I plan to fish for a little while.

  8. Thank you Gregg and thanks again for all of your help on indicator fishing.

    Doug and JM, thank you too. JM, knowing that someone is hoping for the second episode will keep me working on it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Scott, I'm really glad you were looking forward to this; I'm working on the second episode now. My experience with this project, and all of my stumbling with it, has taught me to not say when I will publish something until I'm sure it will be finished. When episode two is close to being finished I will make a post that it is (hopefully) coming.

  9. McTage, tomorrow Katy and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. We are still happily married so I feel I have at least some good advice to give about marriage. As to dropping that line...Hmmm...use your own good judgement, but let me just add that my wife doesn't think some things are as funny as I do. Just sayin'...

    I have tried the underhand pendulum cast. I call it swinging. If you look at the segment in this first episode where I get very close to the fish I am trying to swing the fly some. Swinging works much better with a heavily weighted fly or a two fly rig.

    With that fish I don't have a heavy fly on so it was difficult to swing. I have also pitched (literally thrown) the fly at fish that are very close. I have the take of a pitched fly on video.

    "Non-glory" feeding modes is a perfect way to put it McTage. Its all part of the game and I am trying to show as complete a picture as I am able. On video I do have some traditional ("somewhat glorious") casts to tailing and shopping Carp where the fish are kind enough to pick up the fly. I will publish some of those in future episodes.

    John, it's 23 degrees at my home right now. I didn't have time to work on this project in the summer; I was fishing. Now...well now, I go through my video and dream about fishing. The spring will be here soon.

    Bill, 50's?! Upper 50's at that; wow, keep fishing as long as you can.

  10. Wow, what a great way to wake up and enjoy my coffee. I followed the link over from McTage's site. I can't wait to see the rest. I only have one carp on the fly to my credit, but am quickly becoming an addict.

  11. Great stuff! Also found this via McTage. Looking forward to subsequent installments from the Carp Lodge. There is nothing better doing battle with a golden ghost on the fly!

  12. Great job Mr. P. I enjoyed watching this video. I will post a link up on thejgrdispatch.com

  13. Fontinalis, thanks for the props. Very cool pictures on your site. I started the second episode and felt what I had was "out of order" so I have started that episode again. I'm workin' on it--slowly but surely.

    Andy, thanks also for the compliments. I have come to believe that for many reasons the Golden Ghost is indeed the world's greatest sportfish.

    JGR, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for the post of the link. You put it in your ancient dispatch section. By "ancient dispatches" do you mean links from "ancient guys" like me? Dang JGR, I ain't as young as I used to be but I still manage to get out. :)

  14. As Always Mr P, great stuff! I added the RSS feed from your blog onto mine! keep it comin buddie!

  15. Hahaha, no Mr P! I got you on the front page! JGR

  16. Thanks a lot Eric.

    JGR, I see the link on the front page. It is in a section that says, "Ancient Dispatches". It just really struck me as funny.