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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode #2 is coming soon

Episode #2 of Lessons from the Carp Lodge is nearing completion. Making sure I have something to offer is important to me. Figuring out what I want to say, selecting appropriate video to support the message, and then developing the narration are all challenging. Its time consuming but still very enjoyable. I was near completion last weekend, or so I thought, but as I assembled the parts I realized the video was too long for the YouTube limit. As a result I had to cut out the section on pitching the fly and redo the introduction. I will publish the pitching segment in a future episode. For this current episode I am still doing some additional work on the transitions in the title screens and I still have to record the narration for the last take.

In the process of taking all of this video the last two seasons I captured a good deal of Carp behavior. I got some good shots of Carp taking the fly. I also got some "great" video of me making bad casts. Maybe "clear" would be a better word than "great". In episode 2 I show some clear video of my good casting as well as my bad casting.

Once most of the work is finished, as it is now, then I am comfortable saying I will be able to post the video in the next several days. I am hoping to have it up by Wednesday.


  1. Of course me as well! So much work-thanks from the heart.


  2. Can't wait! Man, editing this kind of thing, even for a 30 second video, can be such a pain in the butt. Can't imagine for what you are working on.

  3. Regardless of skill level we all make less than perfect presentations from time to time. Three in a row is when I get rather torqued.

    Being able to recover from an imperfect cast ? That's where the "learning" exits... and it is an eternal classroom.

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  5. Thanks Stealth.

    You are most welcome Gregg--also from the heart.

    McTage, it has been total pain in the butt sometimes. I don't know why I persist; and yet in a way, it is a labor of love so I keep working on it and in fact often enjoying it.

    JM, I have a clip in my library where I make several bad casts in the row and comment something to the effect, "I'm stinking up the whole river with my casting!..." Yes, it is truly an eternal classroom. Along these lines something that I am finding that I totally didn't see coming is that I am learning by going through and watching my own video clips. It has been, and continues to be a fascinating process.