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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Wild Thing

I'm not sure when I tied my first San Juan Worm. Decades ago anyway. I do remember thinking that it wasn't a fly. I guess I thought that because it was so simple and because it had the word, "worm" in the name. Well whatever, the fly worked. It really hasn't been a pattern I had fished much the last 15 years, that is not until I started Carp fishing. I came back to it. Experimenting with different materials and different ways of tying the materials I have come up with The Wild Thing. I have fished The Wild Thing with positive results and plan to do a LOT more field testing. The Wild Thing is certainly more durable than other versions of a blood worm. It is also three dimensional and will hold the 3-D posture while it is patiently waiting for a Carp to come along and slurp it up.


  1. Thanks for the link Mr P. What material is that? Foam?

  2. It is a small, red, rubber band. It is almost too simple. I have caught some fish on it but didn't make any other blog posts. I will this coming year because it does work. The way I tie it, it can't rest on the bottom without some part of the body sticking up.