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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voy a pescar para Pez Gallo en Mexico!

I am going to fish for Roosterfish in June! (Voy a pescar para Pez Gallo en Junio.) My broker has a condo in Mexico. He has invited me to chase Roosterfish with him. I am having a great time getting ready for this big adventure. I have never seen a Roosterfish. I have heard stories and enjoyed the pictures. They are apparently challenging to catch on a fly. I have talked to people who have fly fished for them 4 or 5 days and never had a hookup. Maybe I should only make blog posts after I have been on a trip and have been successful at catching fish. Heck, I could make 8 or 10 posts about getting ready for this trip, go fishing, get skunked, and feel kind of silly. Oh what the heck, I'm having such a good time getting ready for this trip, that's half the fun.

Getting geared up for big game fish in blue water is very enjoyable. I had to buy a big game reel. Wow, what a piece of amazing engineering. I'm tying flies; well, some of them I'm tying and some of them I'm "building".

This picture was from this blog. There was no contact information to request permission to use the picture and no copyright info so I am attempting to give credit where credit is due.

Damn I'm excited!


  1. that looks awesome

  2. Strip the fly faster than is humanly possible. Not the two hand method, it' slow compared to throwing that line behind you with one hand.

    Never slow down. They are of the "jack" family and like their meals "afraid" and not sauteed.