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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kaopectate Can Only Help So Much...

Following the Gregg Martin Rule I decided to fish when I didn't feel good.  Admittedly I hadn't thrown up for two days but the other end was still not back to normal.  Heck, I hadn't been sick for 5 years!  Not a cold, not a sore throat--nothing.  How the heck did I get sick for several days?

Well, I can say that I did get out and try to fish, but as I said in the title, Kaopectate can only help so much and after that you just deal with it.  I decided to fish from my Zodiac since I felt so "crappy".  I can sit down in the boat and take breaks.  Never mind that the sky and the water were both cloudy

and never mind that there were so many weeds that I could hardly see fish and never mind that I was getting salad on my fly on almost every cast.  Waa, waa, waa!  It was just not the best conditions and I only lasted four hours on the water because I felt so "crappy".  I moved around the lake for an hour and a half before I even saw a fish.  He was moving so fast I didn't bother casting to him.  I managed three fish all in the last one hour plus.  It helped that the clouds broke a little otherwise I don't know if I would have caught a single fish.

Not every day is a stellar day in terms of numbers.  I got out.  I made the effort. I'm still very grateful.

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