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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ray-Ray's Always Delivers

Katy and I got to the Carp Lodge late this afternoon.  There is a spot very near here that I have caught good numbers of Carp.  The first time I went there I met a guy who called himself, "Ray-Ray".  Since then I have called the spot, "Ray-Ray's" or just Ray's for short.  With one exception, I have never been skunked there.  Ray-Ray's is a "high water" spot only.  If the river isn't high then there is no water.  The one exception is just that; when there is no water there are no fish.  When I drive to the spot if there is no water I just leave; I don't fish the surrounding area.  I have been there twice this spring; both times there was no water.  I just turned around and drove away.

After we unpacked I thought I would make a quick drive to Ray's to see if there was any water.  Well there was water, which meant there would be fish, but since it was past the spring the grasses, weeds, and sage had grown up.  There were some marvelous Carp moving through all the weeds but I couldn't cast for them because the fly would snag long before it got to the bottom.  Dang it!  I moved very slowly and tried to drop flies in front of a few fish.  Compared to casting I don't actually enjoying dropping flies very much at all but I only had about 90 minutes to fish so dropping was just fine.

I did manage to catch one Carp.  I dropped a Black Betty in front of him.  He didn't have to move far to pick it up.  This single Carp enabled me to keep saying, "I've always caught fish at Ray-Ray's."  (As long as there is water.)  He was just under 14 pounds.

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  1. Nice Mr.P! 100% spots as rare as a 20+ fish day for me.