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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carp Parts--Scales

I called this Carp "Tommy Two-Tone".  He had the most interesting scale coloration of any Carp I have caught.  

Nice scales on a fat Common

Taking the "long view"

 Love the Mirrors

 Their scales are so unique.

Ha ha.

I understand this scale pattern on a Common makes it referred to as a Muddler.

Is it summer yet?!!

Up close the rays on the scales were very visible.  What a cool animal!

A one scale Mirror.

I bet he bragged to his friends about his scale.  

Summer will be here soon.

I have a post I am going to do on "dead ones".   These next two pictures show the scales from a dead fish very well.  There was so little left from this Carp.  

Back to play with his friends

Three Commons with different color scales

Such a cool Mirror!

Another Muddler

A stomach with a handle on it.  


  1. Anyone who says carp are ugly isn't paying attention. Great stuff Mr P!

  2. Agreed with Ty! Nice Mr.P! I learned things as well. I understand if you catch one with a black portion it has been electroshocked. I see those on grass carp.