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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scratchin' the Itch

To say, "They are not Carp", well, it's true, but so what.  Really, so what.  Carp are my favorite fish; oh dear God, yes they are.  I still like fishing for other fish too.

I was itchin' to get out and fish. I was itchin' to catch some fish too.  Wow; I got to do both.

Some large trout were kind enough to take my fly today.  When they take a dry fly it is even more kind of them.


  1. Love the colors on that last fish. Amazing fish and even better on a dry!

  2. Mr. P,

    I quess we all have to do what we can when the carpin slows, but you out did yourself. Nice fish to look at.


  3. Nice. That fish in the bottom pic is a slab.