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Friday, November 18, 2011

Euro-Carp Fishing Quiz

Here are 20 Euro-Carp questions. Its sort of like a quiz. You are trying to explain what each of these statements means. Come on, its just for fun and its easy. You may already know the answers because you use Euro-Carp methods. You may not know a single one. All the answers to this quiz are in this article. You can read the article and test your memory or read it after trying the quiz. Or do both. Here you go.

I don't do this kind of fishing but I sure have enjoyed learning about it and just learning the vocabulary.


1. We shorted up.

2. I have some serious kit lust.

3. Is there chocolate glug?

4. The bite alarm went off on my margin rod.

5. The chugger liked the strawberry pescaviva.

6. I wasn't prepared for the drop back take.

7. It was time to bag up.

8. I had more hectic sport yesterday.

9. A knicked floater cake was spot on for those popping up.

10. I will be trying the bait boat today.

11. Bloody hell, another crack off!

12. We forgot the marker rod; good thing we have fished here before.

13. What a great swim!

14. We catapulted 15 pounds of freebies. The whole damn lot was hoovered.

15. Good thing my buddy had lock shot; I was out.

16. The mid rods went quiet.

17. Hemp is better than boilies.

18. Blasting into the margins I had the temptation to bully him too hard.

19. There is nothing like a good specimen hunter.

20. Both bivvies, both brollies, and both bait buckets fit in the barrow.

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