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Monday, August 8, 2011

I covered MILES of water

I have gotten behind on my blogging. My recent post about Cubans and Carp was from a session two weeks ago. I was able to fish two days this past week. On Wednesday, returning to still water and connecting with several nice fish, I finished the day very satisfied.

I had to work much, much harder to find fish this past week than I did the week before. Since there was very little wind I was able to cover miles of water. The electric motor I have on the Zodiac moves the boat right along if Mother Nature (the wind) isn't pushing back. I don't know if I GOT to cover miles of water or HAD to cover miles of water but either way it had to be done to find fish. In one week's time I don't have any idea where the heck they went but they just weren't there in the numbers they were the week before. Two weeks ago I didn't go five minutes without seeing a Carp. They weren't always good targets but they were there in numbers. Last week I motored along for 20 minutes sometimes without seeing a single fish. I just had to work harder at it.

Starting with the Chocolate Cherry I hooked a fish early on but then had some tailing fish and some shoppers turned from the fly. Switching to the Carp Carrot proved to be a good choice.

This fish took the Carp Carrot and then he just "got up and went!" I don't know why some fish are hotter than others but this one was hot. Damn I like that.

This year I have been trying to get some pictures of Carp as I send them back into the water. This is one of my two or three favorites so far.

Two more Carp just before they went home.

This porker took me way into the backing.

This is the last picture I took for this session. It is 5:00 and I am heading back to my Carpwagon. But wait, I see a tailing Carp. Oh swell. I wish it showed up in the picture but it doesn't. The fish is right up against the reeds. He is a good fish and the reason I say he is a good fish is because he ate the Carp Carrot. I set the hook, played him, brought him to the net, thanked him, unbuttoned him, and turned the net over. Thanks again.

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