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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gerhard's Flies

Carp Fishing and blogging have been fascinating to me because I hear from and communicate with people all over the country and even in other countries. I corresponded with a guy in France who inquired about the Carp Carrot.

Last year, in a fairly short period of time, I got a series of questions from three different anglers. I exchanged email with each of these fishermen and I answered each of them in blog posts. Gerhard, from Ontario, Canada, asked about variations of the Carp Carrot. Klint, from here in Washington State, asked about fishing the San Juan Worm. And Robert, from Minnesota, asked about fishing for Carp in dirty water and whether there were any flies that would work and how to keep from snagging the fish.

Gerhard and I have continued to correspond some. After I made my blog post about The Wild Thing Gerhard sent me some flies that he and his friends use for Steelhead. It is amazing to see the variations of existing flies that guys develop. There are lots of "Internet flies" out there that have never been in a fish's mouth but seeing flies that have been used effectively in another part of the country or world is always very interesting and just plain fun.

Gerhard's flies:

Gerhard, it took me too long to respond with this blog post. Thanks so much for sending these flies. I have tied you a dozen of The Wild Thing. I tied them in two hook sizes with different size beads. I have used both sizes and don't have a preference at this point. They are packaged up and I will take them to the post office tomorrow.

Our Carp season is delayed or at least disrupted here because of high water but things will settle down eventually. I will try your flies this summer and let you know how they produce. Thanks Gerhard.


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