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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Got Some Tugs

I went to Monkey Forks to fish seriously for the first time last year. In 40 years of fly fishing I finally did it. I went again this week with my friend Gary. The first day the weather was pleasant, the wind was light and the fish were nice to us. I really wanted to get fish on dry flies. Like catching Carp on the fly, fishing dry flies is very visual and I love that.

For the most part anglers use Scud patterns on Monkey Forks. I tied some Scuds but I also tied Skitters in small sizes and I'm sure glad I did. I got two fish early on and then went quite awhile without a strike. Then there was a stretch of a couple hours when the fish were feeding on the surface and I caught me a mess 'o them Monkey Forks Trout. This one picked that Skitter up as it slid over where he had risen just 10 seconds before. Since I was really jonesin' for some tugs these fish really hit the spot for me. Not only did I get some nice trout I took them all on dry flies. Even when the hatch disipated I stuck with the dry fly because it is so darn fun.

The second day we worked a lot harder to get just a few fish. That's because the wind was working WAY harder too. How can there be white caps on a small, spring creek? Well there were.

Now I'm jonesin' for some tugs by big fat Carp. Soon, very soon...

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