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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Changing to the Past" Day One of Three

This year I am working to discover new water and to go back and fish some water that I haven't been to in a few years. It can be frustrating and it can be rewarding. But heck, even when I go places I have been to in the past, places that "I'm sure" I'm going to catch fish, I don't always catch fish. Go figure. I think that I have gotten pretty good at catching Carp on the fly. That means I want to catch Carp every time I go out.

I got out last week for three days of discovery and rediscovery. I left home later than I meant to so after the 3 hour drive to the river it was already 11:30. Okay, so I was lollygagging, big deal.

On day one I started at a place I have fished but not for three years. It is actually a gorgeous piece of water. I have caught fish there in years past so this isn't quite the risk that going to some place totally new is. I saw a few fish jump a ways out in the river and I saw three fast cruisers. That was it for almost three hours of wading. That seems so unfair to me. How could a thing like that happen to me? Most people are way better looking than me but still, I'm one of the nicest guys I know. How come those dang Carp weren't there? I've caught fish there before. There were pock marks all over everywhere. Where the heck were they today?

I drove down the river to some new water that I have wanted to try for years. From the highway it sure looks good. I parked at what looked like an easy access point. As it turned out I walked for over an hour and a half but never really found a good place to get into the margins of the river without immediately being in deep water. It was a surprise because the bank was so level. At the end of the day I had not seen a single tailing fish. Not one! Grrr....I ain't pretty, but I'm pretty dang nice; stuff like that shouldn't happen to me.

Here is a picture of me holding all of the fish I caught today.

Days two and three are coming.


  1. Hello Mr. P
    I began fly fishing for carp on a fly last year and caught a few juveniles and a 17 pounder. This year nothing so far…, I usually travel less than 30 minutes to ponds and a river and fish for 3-4 hours. Maybe I need to travel 3-4 hours and find fish that are less spooky because of the local bikers, people, dogs, geese etc…). I hope to have better fishing in the days to come. Keep the posts coming at least I can be encouraged that it can be done.

  2. Where do you live Scott? Are you here in the PNW?

  3. I live in Denver Colorado, I found some new water today, they were sand pits next to the South Platte river lots of carp in the pits. Problem for the day were the small bass grabbing the fly before the carp could see it this happened twice! Grrrrr... no carp just small bass. I wish I could just watch you for one day Mr. P, that is on a good day.