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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sardinas for the Roosters

A Sardina that is finished being tied. It is ready for epoxy and eyes.

Lined up and ready to report for duty.

These flies are more traditional, tied, saltwater flies as opposed the the Squishy Fish. There are layers of Slinky Fiber, Krystal Flash, and Flashabou. Tying the fly is actually pretty simple; it's the dang glueing that is time consuming. Getting the eyes to sit nice and straight, particularly when they are the larger 3D ones, can be a bit challenging. A lot of my Sardinas are cross eyed. Oh well, the fish won't know the difference.

I tied 18 of these along with a number of other baitfish imitations. I used up a lot of Slinky Fiber, particularly white.

I have put the fly tying materials away and am packing for Mexico. I sure hope the Roosters like at least something I tied.

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