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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walkin' the Dogs and Forgiveness

Sometimes a fishing report has everything to do with fishing. You know, things like who you fished with, what species you were chasing, what day it was, where you went, what the weather was like, what flies you used, what line, what weight leader, taking pictures, and of course, how many fish you caught.

Sometimes it is partly about fishing. Other things intrude. Humphhh...Yes they do; sometimes other things intrude. Sometimes you see interesting things and sometimes other things happen. Yes, sometimes other things happen on a fishing trip besides fishing.

Here is a short fishing report about fishing:
I went fishing yesterday. That was Friday. For Chums. The weather was rainy and cold. Tied to a 15 pound tippet, Christmas Trees and Marabou Clousers were the flies I used. A St. Croix Legend Elite (Salt Water) 10 weight was my stick for the day. Three fish only were hooked in the mouth; the snagged ones don't count. I ran into my friend Gary on the water. Took a few pictures. Got cold.

There, that's it; that's my fishing report.

Well hell, that doesn't work. Yesteday was one of those days when other stuff intruded. Okay, I got a few pictures of a beaver.

But that's not the only thing. My beautiful, St. Croix Legend Elite 10 weight, didnt' have a good day. Neither did the reel. Neither was the beaver for that matter.

I write some other blogs. One of them is a personal or inspirational blog. Its not about fishing but yesterday's post was about the demise of my rod and reel. The story in that blog is not told from the perspective of a fishing report; its more from the perspective of a life experience. You can read the story here:


It's in the post called Forgiveness: Part II

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