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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Reel for Mexico

I'm going to Mexico in 10 days to fish for Roosterfish. Yikes, I'm excited. Several people I've talked to have said they have caught Roosters on the fly and that it is quite a thrill. Other people have told me that they have been and have not been able to get one to take their fly. I want to be in the first group.

I got a new Waterworks Vanquish reel for the trip. It is quite an impressive piece of gear.

It even comes with a welcome letter from the staff at Waterworks Lamson. It's a nice touch.

Here is the reel without line and with line. Dang it, I sure want to see the backing on this thing flying off the reel. I'm hopin', I'm hopin'...

I actually wanted the regular reel and this one is the LT version. I wanted the regular version because it holds more backing. The regular version is on backorder so I'm fishing this one and exchanging it out when the regulars are available.

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